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About Adin

From his classical piano, choir, opera, music theory, and musical comedy beginnings in suburban south Orange County to his massive solo and full-band indie rock performances following COVID quarantine and college, Adin Boyer is no stranger to living a life fully devoted to music, and discovering himself entirely through music. His sound draws influences from anthemic arena alternative rock outfits such as Coldplay, Keane, and The War on Drugs, the glorious ambiences of groups like Hammock and Slowdive, and  piano-driven virtuosity evoking Elton John and Tori Amos.


Adin dove headfirst into the indie rock world following a milestone first-ever full-band performance at his CalArts graduation recital in late 2021, with a series of songs he wrote and orchestrated just before and at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The five-song collection ultimately culminated in his debut EP “Caseload”, which was recorded with his band of CalArts comrades and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Robert Adam Stevenson of A Silent Film at Revolver Recordings.


Following Adin’s debut EP release, Adin took his musical missions to the big screen. He gained widespread international notoriety as a contestant on season 21 of American Idol, where he advanced to the top 55, and received major accolades from Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, songwriting mentor Phillip Phillips, and ultimately, his biggest musical inspiration, Chris Martin from Coldplay. Here, Adin also directly solidified his stance as a fierce advocate for neurodiversity affirmation and anti-bullying. 


2024 has been Adin’s busiest and most promising year yet. Following his most massive solo performance to date at Fenway Park for an audience of over 5,000 the previous August, Adin released his sophomore EP, “Regroup”; which features many of Adin’s fellow disabled artist colleagues of various mediums on the cover. Following his massive full-band release-celebration shows in his hometown of Lake Forest and his first-ever full-band show in LA at the highly-esteemed The Mint, Adin set off on his largest-to-date solo tour across the country. He will return from his expedition with a new project celebrating self-actualization and anticipation of new milestones ahead…

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